Multiple Myeloma

Multiple Myeloma Multiple myeloma is cancer of the plasma cells in bone marrow.

When a person has multiple myeloma, too many plasma cells are made which causes overcrowding in the bone marrow. This prevents adequate numbers of normal blood cells forming, making a person less able to fight infection.

Multiple myeloma spreads from the bone marrow into the bone.


Nationwide there were 1593 new cases in 2012 of multiple myeloma.

Risk of diagnosisbefore age 75

Men Men: 1 in 183 Woman Women: 1 in 264

Causes/Risk Factors

The causes of multiple myeloma are not fully understood. The few established risk factors include:

  • Immuno-suppression.
  • A family history of multiple myeloma and other blood cancers.
  • Obesity.





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