We invite any Australian who has been diagnosed as an adult, with one of the Project's less common cancers, to participate.

Participants are asked to complete 4 questionnaires and provide a saliva sample for DNA analysis. A saliva collection kit will be mailed to all participants.

Register here to participate online or call the team on 1800 068 289 to participate through the post.

Anyone who is not eligible to participate can get involved by helping spread the word about this important Project. See the Get Involved page for more information.


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...because we haven't forgotten.

In recent decades cancer research has focused primarily on the five most common cancers – prostate, bowel, breast, lung and melanoma and as a result significant progress has been achieved in understanding these cancers, however less common cancers remain considerably under researched.

The Forgotten Cancers Project aims to improve our understanding of less common cancers and their causes. We hope that by doing so, we will be in a better position to prevent these cancers and support people who are diagnosed in the future

With your help, we will spread the word and recruit participants for this exciting project!

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 Prof Graham Giles

Watch an interview with the Director of the Cancer Epidemiology Centre, Prof Graham Giles about The Forgotten Cancers Project.