Peter urges men to get checked after surviving cancer twice

Peter HobdayPeter Hobday was busy working his dream job at a national sporting body when, on a trip to Canberra,

he noticed blood in his urine.


“On my return home, I had a quick visit to my GP which started a very momentous ball rolling. Three days

later I saw an urologist, had scans, and within four weeks I was lining up to have my right kidney removed

to treat bladder cancer."


“Needless to say, our cycling tour of Spain and Morocco was cancelled!”


While undergoing treatment, Peter was given another blow after it was discovered he also had prostate cancer.

Thankfully, treatment for both cancers was successful and Peter was back playing tennis six weeks after his



The bladder cancer returned but treated successfully and today Peter is cancer-free.


“My message is to all men, please, if you have blood in your urine, see your GP immediately and have regular prostate checks.”