Participant stories

Lydia's story Lydia’s story

April 2018

It was the scariest thing ever. I thought, "Who knows what this is? I’m going to die, at 21 years old."

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Paula and GeoffFamily Paula and Geoff's story

December 2017

At first they thought it was eczema. Then it was dermatitis, then psoriasis. Finally, three years later Geoff found out what it was.

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Judy Margolis Family invaluable as cancer strikes twice

February 2017

Judy credits the support of her treating team and family for getting her through a second diagnosis of cancer.

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Peter's story, participant Peter Hobday

January 2017

In 2014 some unusual symptoms prompted Peter to visit his GP. He was quickly referred to a urologist and diagnosed with bladder cancer shortly thereafter.

Thankfully the cancer was able to be successfully treated, and Peter is grateful for the care provided by his GP and urologist. Peter urges all men to act on any symptoms quickly and to get regular check-ups. 

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Q&A with Danielle, participant Danielle Piralis

April 2016

Danielle Piralis was just 38 years old when she was told by her doctor that she was pregnant and that she had chronic lymphocytic leukaemia (CLL). Sadly, a few days later, Danielle suffered a miscarriage.

Danielle still has many unanswered questions related to her CLL diagnosis, and whether her loss was a result of CLL. In an effort to find the answers to help others in a similar situation in future, Danielle has taken part in our Forgotten Cancers Project.

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